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Mamie helped us in 2017, when my husband needed to boost his credit as we wanted to start the process to buy a house but had low credit score. My husbands score improve by 140 points and we continue to follow the advice that she had given us. We were able to make it happen and buy a house in June 2018. We’re so happy we found her and she was help us to get our credit in a position and also advise us towards the right direction. Since she helped us with the credit, we decided to use her services for the taxes and she did amazing. Her husband and her are very knowledgeable with the tax laws and it was the first time to receive such a good tax return last year. This year we used her tax services again and we still got a good return despite the law changes. I would definitely recommend her services for both credit repair and tax preparations.
Helen Gutierrez
New Home Owners
When I approached CTR Credit Repair & Income Tax about my credit score, they reassured me that they could help me with my credit score. I had done everything in my power to pay bills on time and utilize my credit effectively. However, I kept running into a brick wall and my score seemed to be staggering instead of increasing. Since reaching out to CTR Credit Repair I have since reaped the benefits of an amazing, organized, hard working, and knowledgeable team that has helped me reach a level of credibility with my credit that finally says I am credit worthy. Believe it or not life happens, and as a professional this is something that has always plagued me, but thanks to CTR Credit Repair & Income Tax Credit Services, I am well on my way to reaching a level of financial freedom I have never experienced. Thank you CTR Credit & Income Tax Services for making my credit goals a reality.
Esmeralda Aviles Estrada
Happy Client
So glad I came to Mamie when I did! She is wonderful and encouraging! I started with repairing my credit & she also did my taxes this year! Got them quicker than I have ever before! Highly recommended. Thank you Team Aviles!!! ❤️
Amanda Niero
Happy Client

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